I'm a 23 years old boy from Italy, currently living in London, where I study architecture at Central Saint Martins College. I am a quite character, I love detail and beauty, and I am an observer. I define myself as a versatile designer; from an early age I had experience in design and fashion as a footwear designer, and I worked in the leather goods industry; I happened to be a stylist and I also posed for GQ Taiwan. I am a practical person but I am interested in people and I am fascinated by what I see around me, therefore I guess my biggest passion is being curious about life: I am the weirdo that looks around and wonders about the person in front of him, instead of facing his high tech device along the journey on the tube; I am happy about it. 

The City brings one to ignore the others on the way; we're always too busy, too much in a hurry or just too concerned about how to look and behave. Here is the place where I collect all my thoughts about things I come across in this polite, high-speed jungle. In Uni tutors used to tell me that "to understand something, you should draw it", I can say that writing about something will definitely give you a better view of it. 

That's it folks! Thanks for reading